Italian Snow ~ unbelievable but true

When people think about Italy, they imagine sun, sunny beaches and sun. Well, it is quite true but there’s a magic about my Country: you can also have tons of snow from November to April. This is in the Alps, and not only. Hundred of kilometers of magnificent natural landscapes from Winter to Summer.

I took the following pictures in Baselga di Pinè, Trento. A breathtaking lake with great surroundings.


If by chance you are going to visit Italy, remember there is not only Venice, Florence or Rome.

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Fossili dietro casa

Sharing is caring. And moreover is giving the possibility to discover new wonderful blogs. This one is all in Italian, so interesting! Written by a great teacher for her students and not only. Everytime I learn something new. I wish I had had such a Science teacher… unfortunately for me Science was only books, books, reading thousand of pages, so I really hated it. I am starting to appreciate it only now, after my 40.
So enjoy! Mainly if you are Italian.


I fenomeni esogeni, ovvero gli agenti atmosferici quali vento, precipitazioni, acque torrenziali, vento ma anche sbalzi di temperatura, modellano la parte esterna della crosta terrestre modificando nel tempo il paesaggio che ci circonda. Essi erodono le formazioni rocciose sgretolandole pian piano, generando detriti che vengono lentamente trasportati verso valle da ghiacciai e fiumi. Ciottoli e ghiaie, ovvero i detriti più grandi, possono originare zone alluvionali, mentre limo e argille raggiungono i cosiddetti bacini di sedimentazione, depositandosi sul fondo dei mari o dei laghi. L’accumulo di detriti può comprimere gli strati inferiori, espellere acqua dagli interstizi presenti tra granelli di sabbia solida e cementare i sedimenti; così masse di roccia che milioni di anni prima costituivano montagne, si sono trasformate in enormi cumuli di detriti che, in questo processo chiamato diagenesi, si sono trasformati in nuova roccia, la roccia sedimentaria.

In questo processo è possibile che la carcassa di un…

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Embroidery ~ A Magic Handcraft Growing

One of my favourite hobbies is embroidering, specifically the so called ‘punto antico‘ and the Hardanger technique.

The magic of this art is that you actually see your works growing little by little till you can see the end of them. Maybe after some months or even years. It depends on how much time you have. It is always stunning! It gives me such a pleasure and I feel really confident and happy with my results.

Here below you can see the growing of one of my Hardanger kitchen table runners. Next summer I am going to work on my bathroom curtains. I am already excited about it!