Fossili dietro casa

Sharing is caring. And moreover is giving the possibility to discover new wonderful blogs. This one is all in Italian, so interesting! Written by a great teacher for her students and not only. Everytime I learn something new. I wish I had had such a Science teacher… unfortunately for me Science was only books, books, reading thousand of pages, so I really hated it. I am starting to appreciate it only now, after my 40.
So enjoy! Mainly if you are Italian.


I fenomeni esogeni, ovvero gli agenti atmosferici quali vento, precipitazioni, acque torrenziali, vento ma anche sbalzi di temperatura, modellano la parte esterna della crosta terrestre modificando nel tempo il paesaggio che ci circonda. Essi erodono le formazioni rocciose sgretolandole pian piano, generando detriti che vengono lentamente trasportati verso valle da ghiacciai e fiumi. Ciottoli e ghiaie, ovvero i detriti più grandi, possono originare zone alluvionali, mentre limo e argille raggiungono i cosiddetti bacini di sedimentazione, depositandosi sul fondo dei mari o dei laghi. L’accumulo di detriti può comprimere gli strati inferiori, espellere acqua dagli interstizi presenti tra granelli di sabbia solida e cementare i sedimenti; così masse di roccia che milioni di anni prima costituivano montagne, si sono trasformate in enormi cumuli di detriti che, in questo processo chiamato diagenesi, si sono trasformati in nuova roccia, la roccia sedimentaria.

In questo processo è possibile che la carcassa di un…

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I Think Too Much

Due to my job, I am facing a tough time but I have recognized I couldn’t go on like complaining all time, I wanted my “old” me back. Once I wasn’t thaaat anxious, once I didn’t care so much about what people thought about me and my actions, as long they weren’t mean and I was respectful, once I had a greater self-esteem.  But now. It seems life with all the inevitable obstacles and difficulties has knocked me down. Personally, I have accepted I am quite naive and vulnerable, excessively sensitive, and that I would like to fix all difficult situations, hoping Mary Poppins could give me her magic handbag.

So what better that going to my best friends? Books! I usually find all answers I need in books. While I was skimming around site in search of the best books that could have given me the right advice, I saw the following book cover  (don’t you like it? )


How to transform anxiety and emotivity in winning cards. That is the subtitle. Except the original version title in French is



So, this is why I purchased it in the original version that you can see here below. Link to the book HERE. However, before starting reading this ( I really think too much and that is why I sometimes ruin my days) that I want to read at the end of the school year, I read another book of the same author “Saying no and establishing yourself”. Link HERE

Mistery of the publishing business: this book has been translated into Korean, Spanish, Italian, Russian… and not English.  What a pity!  This thin book really has helped me to find some answers and given me some useful clues to face life and difficult situations. I was struck by one sentence, which I try to translate into English: “There is no defeat. Defeat is inside your head. Defeat is a subjective point of view. Start thinking from another perspective“. Afterwards I read this book “Short manual for vulnerable people: how to create your shield and be serene again“. Link HERE Another publishing mistery.  Anyway, what the author says it to consider ourselves always in a positive way, don’t listen to our inner criticism and complaining. And then, to live in peace and feel relaxed and stressless, live a simple life. That means, enjoying what we really love and care of, this could be possible only if we are able to focus on what we really care of. Sometimes, people are so deep into their jobs, that they really can’t see what is the best for them, what they used to really love. And finally, taking some short breaks every day: a walk, gardening,  reading some book pages, knitting, doodling… in spite of our lack of time. This is just an excuse.

Here below the books cover.

I just end with the famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote, which I have just drawn with some inspiration from Pinterest.

Sleep well and be happy again with a simple life and a good shield!

Dom 💖💕💗