Enigma Solution ~ Long Shadows


9 years old. A life plenty of adventures and question marks in front of her. She is like a book, which I am honored to read day by day. Except that I am not just a simple reader, I can be the co-writer if she allows me to, if she needs my advice or just a kind word and a big warm hug.

That’s my daughter Fiamma. Solution to PAE5

So sorry nobody participated.  Maybe this was just a too simple picture to guess: it’s Fiamma and I at the seaside, taking a photo of our June evening long shadows.

And You?  What about your expectations or feelings towards your children?

Dom 💗💖💗



Ready for a new Enigma? Try to find out what’s hidden in this pop art photo, and I will reblog one of your blog posts, the one I prefer. Nothing big, but a good way to get to know each other and to connect with other blogs.

Enjoy my PAE4!

Link to my challenge HERE

Dom 💓💓💓

Solution to Enigma

No winner for this week! My Enigma PAE3  was far too complicated it seems. Link here https://thesleepingreadingbeauty.wordpress.com/2017/03/26/pop-art-enigma-3/

In the picture a detail of a typical Bialetti coffee cup: I have been having those cups for more or less 15 years. In our household they are our trusty after lunch “partners”

As I am back from Rome (on a school trip) tomorrow I will post a new PAE with TOPIC: Rome , the  most beautiful city in the world.

Dom 💓💓💓


BTW I have finished two books. Reviews are coming very soon.