I Think Too Much

Due to my job, I am facing a tough time but I have recognized I couldn’t go on like complaining all time, I wanted my “old” me back. Once I wasn’t thaaat anxious, once I didn’t care so much about what people thought about me and my actions, as long they weren’t mean and I was respectful, once I had a greater self-esteem.  But now. It seems life with all the inevitable obstacles and difficulties has knocked me down. Personally, I have accepted I am quite naive and vulnerable, excessively sensitive, and that I would like to fix all difficult situations, hoping Mary Poppins could give me her magic handbag.

So what better that going to my best friends? Books! I usually find all answers I need in books. While I was skimming around  amazon.it site in search of the best books that could have given me the right advice, I saw the following book cover  (don’t you like it? )


How to transform anxiety and emotivity in winning cards. That is the subtitle. Except the original version title in French is



So, this is why I purchased it in the original version that you can see here below. Link to the book HERE. However, before starting reading this ( I really think too much and that is why I sometimes ruin my days) that I want to read at the end of the school year, I read another book of the same author “Saying no and establishing yourself”. Link HERE

Mistery of the publishing business: this book has been translated into Korean, Spanish, Italian, Russian… and not English.  What a pity!  This thin book really has helped me to find some answers and given me some useful clues to face life and difficult situations. I was struck by one sentence, which I try to translate into English: “There is no defeat. Defeat is inside your head. Defeat is a subjective point of view. Start thinking from another perspective“. Afterwards I read this book “Short manual for vulnerable people: how to create your shield and be serene again“. Link HERE Another publishing mistery.  Anyway, what the author says it to consider ourselves always in a positive way, don’t listen to our inner criticism and complaining. And then, to live in peace and feel relaxed and stressless, live a simple life. That means, enjoying what we really love and care of, this could be possible only if we are able to focus on what we really care of. Sometimes, people are so deep into their jobs, that they really can’t see what is the best for them, what they used to really love. And finally, taking some short breaks every day: a walk, gardening,  reading some book pages, knitting, doodling… in spite of our lack of time. This is just an excuse.

Here below the books cover.

I just end with the famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote, which I have just drawn with some inspiration from Pinterest.

Sleep well and be happy again with a simple life and a good shield!

Dom 💖💕💗


Woman’s Inhumanity

As this was born as a book reviews blog, I believe it’s time to write something about, well, about BOOKS.

After some painful events that have happened to me, a great friend of mine (that I met only less than one year ago, but one of those persons that you think you have known all of your life) gave me the following book.


Despite the fact that I have some great close female friends, who are helping me a lot now and who have been always there during my life since we were girls, I believe that this book voices everything I think about women. Not only they can be angels, but also terrible evils if they want. And they end up being subtle and false, and can easily play with your feelings and believes.

Well, I am reading it. So except suggesting it to all women,  I can’t tell you much. I hope it will help me understand the female world, and also the possibility of being one of those inhuman women while learning how not to be it.


Link to the book: Amazon.com

Synopsis from amazon.com site:

Man’s inhumanity to man”–the phrase is all too familiar. But until Phyllis Chesler’s now-classic book, a profound silence prevailed about woman’s inhumanity to woman. Women’s aggression may not take the same form as men’s, but girls and women are indeed aggressive, often indirectly and mainly toward one another. They judge harshly, hold grudges, gossip, exclude, and disconnect from other women. 
            Like men, women are exposed to the messages of misogyny and sexism that permeate cultures worldwide. Like men, women unconsciously buy into negative images that can trigger abuse and mistreatment of other women. But like other social victims, many do not realize stereotyping affects members within the victimized group as well as those outside the group. They do not realize their behavior reflects society’s biases.
            How women view and treat other women matters. Are women oppressed? Yes. Do oppressed people internalize their oppressors’ attitudes? Without a doubt. Prejudice must first be acknowledged before it can be resisted or overcome. More than men, women depend upon one another for emotional intimacy and bonding, and exclusionary and sexist behavior enforces female conformity and discourages independence and psychological growth.
            Continuing the pioneering work begun in Women and Madness—Chesler’s bestselling book that broke the story on double standards in psychology—Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman draws on important studies, revolutionary theories, literature, and hundreds of original interviews. Chesler urges us to look within, to treat other women realistically, ethically, and kindly, and to forge bold and compassionate alliances. This is a necessary next step for women, without which they will never be liberated.

The Castle of Crossed Destinies by Italo Calvino

RATING: 9/10 📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖

GENRE: contemporary fiction/fantasy (?)


BOOK DETAILS: Link to book details on  Amazon.com  ~  Amazon.co.uk

SYNOPSIS:  A lonely tired traveller reaches an ancient Castle. When he enters it, something is not so clear. It seems everything is ok, from the big wooden gate to the taverna inside, but there is definitively something not quite clear. After observing the scene inside a big castle room, the traveller understands there is a spell going on among all travellers that sit together around a common table: they can’t speak. No words for them to be uttered. But our traveller is so eager to tell his personal story as well as the others. Only tarot cards can help them now, crossing one another.

So now. Let’s find out what happens!

MAIN CHARACTERS: the mysterious traveller and many others (counts, knights, princesses, queens and so on).

POINT OF VIEW3rd person narration and 1st person

HOW I MET THIS BOOK: after so many years, finally it was time! One book less on my to-be-read-book list


Calvino raised me somehow. I can honestly say that I started loving reading thanks to Mr. Calvino and his Marcovaldo. Even if here compulsory at school, it is a OOAK book that you can’t forget. A book that you can read as a child and just surf on its pages and laugh out loud, or plunge deep into its water as an adult. And what about If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller?
Anyway, I am here to review The Castle. Readers should be aware that this is literature with  capital L. I read it in Italian, to sip the beauty of the language (which is mine).

The book is a collection of stories, imagining that a group of travellers meet in a Castle after their improbable journeys/lives. Every story is the story of a traveller. But, they can’t talk. They are totally mute, so they help themselves with tarot cards which explain their adventures.
The story I loved more is one of the last ones, i.e. the Writer’s Story. It sums up the journey of a writer, his/her solitudes, difficulties, struggles, misfortunes and sense of discontentment at the end.
If you are a serial reader, who, just like me, loves all kind of writing mainly the Big literature, read it and be inspired. If you read just for pleasure and only contemporary fiction (from YA to Dystopian) don’t read it. 🙂


Here a short quote from the book (in Italian and with my translation):

Così ho messo tutto a posto. Sulla pagina, almeno. Dentro di me tutto resta come prima. p. 113 (Italian Edition)

So now everything is in order. On the page, at least. Inside of me everything remains just like before.

~ ~ ~


If Hemingway was one of your favourite writers, you are definitely one of mine. All the best from this Earth.

© Dom