Am I not fit to live?

I have found this quote on the Net. A quote by M. L. King Jr.


In these last months I have been witnessing some minor (for me major) injustice and not clear activities inside the place where I am working.  It is not just a “place”. It is a school. What should I do?




Somewhere Over The Rainbow


St. Andrew’s clock tower and the clock


the most ancient clock in the world

Two days ago I went to a small city near my home town, called Chioggia. I have known it is called the “small Venice” because it has got canals, and bridges, and Venetian palaces etc. But I have never known in Chioggia there is the most ancient tower clock in the world. I literally stepped on it, and was profoundly surprised by this “discover”. What a pity that the museum was closed, so we are planning to go back there with the kids in the summer. Maybe for a short boat trip to Venice from Chioggia and back.


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A Day At School


Almost 4 p.m. I have been at work (school) since this early morning.  I left home at 7 p.m. In this strange, difficult and unexpected moment of my life, I can honestly say that my job is saving me. Despite all natural difficulties of it, I feel at home here and totally at ease.  I am aware it is not that easy to find a place where you can work without even sense the tiredness and the struggles of it, as I experienced before, where I worked in an impossible work athmosphere unfortunately.




Inspired by my daily life

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