Candle Light Life


The problem is I am an English as a Foreign Language learner… oh my God, what does this word mean?  This is what I read in English-Italian

English Italiano
percolate [sth]vtr (filter) filtrarevtr
percolatevi (coffee: brew) fare il caffè con filtro vtr
percolatevi figurative (spread gradually) (figurato: diffondersi) permeare, pervaderevtr
L’informatizzazione sta permeando sempre di più le nostre vite.
percolatevi US, figurative (become lively) (figurato) animarsi, ravvivarsi v rif

Personally I’ll choose the US version: become lively. This is for today one more word to be added into my English vocabulary.

I was a small small flame in the last times,  but I am feeling better now. I AM PERCOLATING!




Inspired by WP DP one word prompt: percolate

A Day At School


Almost 4 p.m. I have been at work (school) since this early morning.  I left home at 7 p.m. In this strange, difficult and unexpected moment of my life, I can honestly say that my job is saving me. Despite all natural difficulties of it, I feel at home here and totally at ease.  I am aware it is not that easy to find a place where you can work without even sense the tiredness and the struggles of it, as I experienced before, where I worked in an impossible work athmosphere unfortunately.




Inspired by my daily life

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Share Your World #29 – Michael Brecker Pizza

After discovering the infinite worlds of the blogosphere, I am living on a sort of ‘crossed destinies’ stage, as seen in The Castle of Crossed Destinies which I am currently reading (see my previous post). Where many bloggers (the travellers from the a. m. book) share their views and slices of their lives (real or presumed real) on a virtual platform (WP = the castle). For a person like me, who believes in universe citizenship, this is really thrilling and awesome, and somehow shows the good intentions of the contemporary technology.

A new found submerged world revealed to me, that of challenges and prompts. The aim is… the challenge itself for me, a way to find a goal and with that developping my thoughts, my writing and even my reading. For an English as a Foreign Language learner these challenges and prompts are really an enjoyable precious source to improve and boost one’s language skills. Maybe I could also think about creating a challenge myself, when I feel confident enough to follow it and give my creative contribute. Nevertheless I believe it is not the time. First of all the Blogging University 101? 😉


For the first time, I am now ‘sharing my world’ part of Share Your World Challenge as conceived by Cee on her wonderful blog. So beside the This is me pages, you can discover something else about me. If you want to join the SYW go and visit Cee’s blog.

Q#1 What is the perfect pizza?

Actually, being Italian that is a real tough question to be asked, don’t you think? When I was a child I used to eat only and only what we Italians call ‘viennese’: pizza with würstel (Vienna sausages). Then my tastes have developped a bit, and now I taste a new pizza every time. BUT THE BEST EVER IS the Michael Brecker pizza. In my little town we have got what we believe is the best pizzeria on earth: Pizza Jazz. Yes! That’s the name of it! And all pizzas have got a different jazz musician name. Wonder what a Michael Brecker is? I guess you should come and visit. The best ever!

Q#2 What is your favorite time of day?

Born a night owl, the night (from 11pm to 2 am) is the best time of my day. Yes. Getting up is always a real nightmare, and my brain gears start working more or less at 11 am.

Well, don’t you think I am a disco person though! I simply adore the silence all around, the darkness in the streets, the suffuse lighting in my kitchen and a quiet time where and when I can read for pleasure or just work (lesson plans and school papers).

Q#3 Show us two of your favorites photographs?  The photos can be from anytime in your life span.  Explain why they are your favorite.

Photo #1 is my first attempt of macro photography. As it happens I consume a lot of my energy trying many of the activities I would like to experience in my life (except bungee jumping and improbable food), macro photography was (and is) one of these activities. I am a self taught photographer, and when I retire (IF I can retire…) I would so much like to attend a photography course.


Photo #2 Last Spring I could visit an exhibition of Steve McCurry in my town. And I think the photo itself explains why it is one of my favourite.

Complete this sentence:  I’m looking forward to…. find my way in life.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Really grateful to have my husband at my side, who can always find the right words to comfort me. Let’s say I am facing a not so easy time at work.

Next week my kids are going to a one week trip with friends and relatives at the seaside, my husband and I will for sure enjoy a relaxing time at home or strolling about Venice or Vienna (we will decide).

All the best.



PS Thank you Cee 🙂