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My little front window at home.

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Wild Wild Nature ~ As You Can Barely See It


“During the First World War, the Tagliamento constituted the frontline between Austria-Hungary and Italy. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost in harsh fighting along the river banks and in the adjacent areas and the river still holds enormous cultural and historical significance.” It is possible to read all the history about Tagliamento River in this wonderful WWF leaflet downloadfile-39

Today, a marvelous sunny Sunday, I went stone-seeking with my kids. Potentially we are going to paint all the stones, an activity to kill the long hot Italian afternoons. Yesterday I got the idea from some amazing stone artists that I saw on Pinterest so that I also created a new board (to be seen HERE). We are so lucky to live near the Alps and the Adriatic sea. Tagliamento River is considered the only remaining European wild river. While in the past it was the witness of so many tragedies, today it has become a study case and also a… beach. Yes because when the days become longer and the sun shines, people from all over the area instead of going to the seaside come here: it is free, it is open to everybody,  it is all nature and majestic. You feel happy and relaxed here, far from the busy venetian rivieras where it is all music and frantic  chaos.


It is everything black and white on the Tagliamento. Even without effects. See by yourself in the photos below.


Stones in different shades of gray


My freezing foot in the Tagliamento crystalline water


It is me, over there, searching for the perfect stone

Hope to post some photos of my painted stones during the summer, it is in my to-do list. Anyway, if by chance you are coming to Italy one day, don’t forget to come here and visit Tagliamento, mainly if you are a photographer.  Photographers love the Tagliamento River,  mainly during the early morning and in winter.

The Tagliamento River (upstream the Pinzano gorge, Friuli Venezia Giulia, northeastern Italy) is a large, braided, gravel-bed river in a very good state of hydromorphological conditions”

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Inspired by Cee


Here are my answers to this week’s Share Your World 15 May.

Sorry I am using my smartphone, the writing is quite difficult… Hope there are not too many typos.
1. How many languages do you you speak?

My mother tongue is Venetian, a sort of Italian dialect. But now, where I live, they speak Friulian, an ancient language with a grammar and literature. All road signs here are in Friulian. I can understand it, not speak it. Then, obviously as I am Italian, I speak 100% fluent Italian. At the University I graduated in German (for which I have got a proficiency level – a language I really love) and English (for which I have got a teaching position at School and a C1 level of the European Framework). When I was at High school I got my A levels in French, though. And then, as I am so curious, I have learnt some Spanish and Russian. I am planning to learn some Chinese and Arabic… When I will retire. 😀

2.What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating?

I am unsually reading more books at a time (not me really, I am getting older): ‘Je pense trop’ by Petitcollin; ‘the revolving door of life’ by A. McCall Smith; ‘ I giorni dell’abbandono ‘ by E. Ferrante. The funny thing is that I am reading them all original version.

I am watching ‘The Crown’.

I am listening to ‘Occidentali’s Karma’ by Francesco Gabbani. LISTEN AND DANCE! CLICK HERE

I have just eaten an home made spinach and salami pie. Delicious!

3.What was the last photo you took with your phone?

One of my roses.

4.What is your favourite time of day?
Early… Night! I am an owl. And then in the morning I force myself to get up. I would like to have longer sleeping time. I can’t get more than 6/7 hours a night.
Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

*grateful: For mother’s day and my kids’ love

*looking forward: A long weekend