Pop Art Enigma Challenge

I am usually very fond of challenges,  my favourite are those from Cee, a great photographer and person. Lately I have been thinking that I would like to give the same opportunity to other bloggers. Challenges are for fun, but they are also a great means to communicate,  to “launch ” your blog, to unblock your ideas (if you are lacking for them).

So I have been thinking and reflecting upon a Challenge. And I have come up with this, inspired by Anna’s riddles . Here we go:

1) on Sunday night (Rome time) I will post a Pop Art Photo (one of mine)

2) you should tell me if you can understand what it is

3) on Friday evening I will tell you what it is and elect the winner, who will “win” a reblog of one of her/his blog post (the one I love more).

Have Fun!

Dom 💓💓💓


NUMBER 1 12 March 2017