The Rosie Effect ~ by Graeme Simsion

41gg2ni0vol-_sx324_bo1204203200_This has been to me even more brilliant than the first book, The Rosie Project. I love Don (43, Aussie, now living in NY), and I believe I would marry him if I could. Even if he tends to embarrass her wife, Rosie, or even if he doesn’t get basic social laws. Sometimes. What you need to know that he is really investing a lot of energy and effort on a new project… BUD project – Baby Under Development project.

The whole story isn’t predictable at all. Besides Rosie and Don, the reader follows the lives and familiar/love events of many other characters, which represent ordinary people difficulties in life and marriage. It is like a perfect photo of all that happens around us and among our families too.

There is no spoiler here, but if you loved The Rosie Project, I highly recommend you to read this incredibly hilarious, witty, realistic and well-written novel. It is Christimas time, time for a good read!

RATING: 10/10📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖

GENRE: contemporary fiction

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MAIN CHARACTERS: Don, Rosie – Dave, Sonia, – Gene, Lydia and some others.


POINT OF VIEW: Don – first person

HOW I MET THIS BOOK: through my best friend Alessandra, my private book pusher.

I really loved this novel! I gave it 10/10 book icons, and I didn’t miss a page. It is not possible.

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You are wonderful  Mr Simsion!


A Book Cover Issue

Let’s face it. As a serial reader + bookworm, sometimes, I feel ashamed to buy some books… Covers can really establish the success of a book or not. Authors you are warned, and maybe you already know it because you are readers too.

Personally I read almost anything (except horror genre) and usually I need a way out after reading “tough” books, those that are usually called literature with capital L. So, I really really like to go through the Romance/Contemporary adult/Soft erotic books list on Amazon or at the bookshop. Those books are really light, easy and fast to be read and they give you the time to resume, so to say, from a book that needs more time and consideration. Or simply, you just need them to escape from the “misery” of everyday life.


The problem is: the forbidden book… I believe sometimes there are YA or romance novels that deserve a far better cover than a young plastic girl or an Alpha unreal man slammed in the front.

And what about being at the duty free area before jumping on a plane?


She simply adored YA and NA novels; romances with, if possible, some hot sex scenes. Just a few. Just the necessary. Sometimes imaging wasn’t enough. Those books were such a great laugh, and let us face it, also enthralling and imagination nurture. While at the duty free area she picked up a novel, whose blurb told about a nerd girl falling in love with a stunning American football player. Yes! That would do to keep her on the safe side while on the plane.

Bloody flight fear! Fantasizing was all she needed, not unasked medicine. Embarrassed by the cover, she placed her hand all over it, trying to catch glimpses over her shoulders of customers watching her. Maybe they were judging her!

Time to face the check-out now.”

© Dom ~ a short story about embarrassing book covers and forbidden books


I wrote this short story some time ago, and then got

Inspired by The Daily post’s one-word prompt: forbidden