Ninfa Dormiente

Ninfa Dormiente di Ilaria Tufi

RATING: 5/10 📖📖📖📖📖

GENRE: contemporary fiction/ detective story/ thriller

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SYNOPSISMAIN CHARACTERS: Inspector Teresa Battaglia, her police team, a blind bluehaired young girl and her dog, Smoky, Resia Valley people

POINT OF VIEW:  1st person narration (Teresa’s)

HOW I MET THIS BOOK: one of my best friends suggested it as the new emerging writer.

Ninfa dormiente (Teresa Battaglia, #2)

Ninfa dormiente by Ilaria Tuti
My rating: 3 of 5 starsLa prima parte del libro è come sempre accattivante, ti strega con descrizioni di luoghi e personaggi in un gioco di metafore e similitudini. Lasciando tutto in sospeso. Purtroppo, però, la seconda parte diventa una accozzaglia di eccessive informazioni, di storie che si intrecciano, di personaggi con le loro storie personali. Insomma ci sarebbe materiale per scrivere tre romanzi. Peccato, ad un certo punto mi sono stancata e ho saltato pagine perchè seguire il filo era veramente diventato faticoso.
Comunque Teresa Battaglia rimane l’ispettrice migliore in circolazione.
Il terzo libro sarà sicuramente migliore.

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Things I am looking forward to

Thank you Cee!


Complete this sentence: I’m looking forward to…. SUNDAY. ONE OF MY FRIENDS IS GETTING A SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY (50!). I really hope it is a surprise.

What is your favorite comfort snack food? Well… cornflakes. But really special ones. I start with basic flakes (which I usually buy in Austria,  where you can get the best ones), then I add some dark bitter chocolate pieces, then some sultana raisins, then some red cherries, and finally on top of everything some honey and just a bit of milk. Delicious! It ALLLWAYS CHEERS ME UP.

What was one of your first moneymaking jobs (other than babysitting or newspaper delivery)? When I was writing my dissertation in 1998 I worked for a whole year in Austria as Italianisch Sprachenassistentin. The time of my life!

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

I was really inspired by a book. Where I once again understood the teacher I will never be. This is the book, it has been translated into English: Listen to my heart by Bianca Pitzorno.

‘One of Bianca Pitzorno’s best known novels. With a strict new teacher and war going on daily at school, life in class 4D is very messy. But war is not the only topic: there is also love, betrayal, miracle turtles, skeletons, motorcycles, Austrian generals, ghosts, picture stories readers and velvet panthers. An intensely lived school year, with not a single moment to waste. Seventy three chapters to read all at a time, or to savour one by one like episodes of an irreverent soap opera.’


Another inspiring local town: Corovado – the magic of Medieval villages

The Rosie Effect ~ by Graeme Simsion

41gg2ni0vol-_sx324_bo1204203200_This has been to me even more brilliant than the first book, The Rosie Project. I love Don (43, Aussie, now living in NY), and I believe I would marry him if I could. Even if he tends to embarrass her wife, Rosie, or even if he doesn’t get basic social laws. Sometimes. What you need to know that he is really investing a lot of energy and effort on a new project… BUD project – Baby Under Development project.

The whole story isn’t predictable at all. Besides Rosie and Don, the reader follows the lives and familiar/love events of many other characters, which represent ordinary people difficulties in life and marriage. It is like a perfect photo of all that happens around us and among our families too.

There is no spoiler here, but if you loved The Rosie Project, I highly recommend you to read this incredibly hilarious, witty, realistic and well-written novel. It is Christimas time, time for a good read!

RATING: 10/10📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖

GENRE: contemporary fiction

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MAIN CHARACTERS: Don, Rosie – Dave, Sonia, – Gene, Lydia and some others.


POINT OF VIEW: Don – first person

HOW I MET THIS BOOK: through my best friend Alessandra, my private book pusher.

I really loved this novel! I gave it 10/10 book icons, and I didn’t miss a page. It is not possible.

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You are wonderful  Mr Simsion!