Away for a While

Hello blogger friends!

Time is a tyrant, as well as the everyday personal tasks. It has been a while since I wrote last time on my tiny blog. It should be a book blog, with some book reviews. Unfortunately last year I wrote here only a few reviews of the books I read. Anyway if you are curious you can find my 2017 book reviews here

But what about my New Year resolutions?

1) writing at least one post on my beloved tiny book blog once a month

2) painting at least two paintings using different techniques

3) having a walk once a week

4) taking some pictures to be posted here and to contribute to my favourite challanges

5) reading my favourite blogs at least once a month and leaving a lot of likes on my favourite pages and posts + reading at least 25 books (sipping them)

6) trying… to be happy and serene again!


My summer flew by. I had a great time in central Italy, where I had the chance to visit unbelievable and forgotten places. If I’ll have the chance I will write about it and post some magic photos. In September I got a permanent position at the local High School, which was a great surprise to me. I cried because it had been my dream since ever. In October I also got an extra position at the evening classes. In November I had a short break in Palermo (Sicily, Italy) with two faboulous colleages.  We had a great time at our friend Laura, always the best. In December... at Christmas all the family was sick and had the worst Christmas ever! Anyway. It is now time to start again.

Hope you are all well and you are reading a wonderful book



Photo credit: pixabay


A Book For A Smile


Un Libro Per Un Sorriso – Gemona del Friuli (UD) Italy – the local hospital waiting room at the 3rd floor, stair C

It’s been a while since I wrote my last post, due to major family events. It seems I needed some time for me, it is no mistery that blogging takes a lot of time. Which I highly enjoy, as much as I enjoy reading my best bloggers’ posts. However, now I am back. During the upcoming week I hope to join the SYW challenge by Cee, and hopefully to write a book review.

Today,  just want to share with you a wonderful social promotion by our Local Health System, which I didn’t know as a) I don’t read the newspaper daily (alas!) b) I have the great luck not to visit hospitals so often. But, last week, due to a minor medical operation to my child, I was waiting at the waiting room and observed with interest a nice “book corner”. So I discovered this initiative promoted by our NHS (ass3 Friuli), called: A Book For A Smile. In short, there is a small library in every patients’ waiting rooms in our area, where while waiting you can pick up a book, start reading it and then, if you’d like to, take it home and finish it. When you have finished reading it, you take it back to one of the local health organizations (hospitals and not only). The book will be replaced in another waiting room. And, moreover, if you have some book at home that you want to offer, you can give it as a donation so someone can enjoy the reading while in a waiting room. So you give a book for a smile.


I find this is a great promotion! I am a very keen reader, and so I’ve really appreciated this idea. Now, I know who I can donate my books to.

All the best to you all in this pre-Christmas time!