A vintage tray

When I found this tray among many other garage long forgotten and stored in a corner things, I thought to throw it away. But then (let’s think about our poor Planet!) I had a great idea. What do you think about this result? Well, maybe the fact that it is quite usual here to have a glass of red wine at lunch maybe has helped me a lot. However, I could have done it with… White stones from Tagliamento River?



Credit: candles from Depot

Kitchen runner: frame crocheted by me


Thank you Cee!

Flower of the Day

They are really tiny, and brightly red. They call them “Christ’s flowers” here where I live, supposedly because they bloom during Easter time and their bush branches have got big dangerous thorns. I have been adoring them since I was a child. I can find them everywhere here in my countryside,  they give amazing red paintbrushes to the landscape.  It’s heaven, really!

Enjoy 💓💓💓



Inspired by Cee


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My Letter D


Having a walk is relaxing and it makes you feel alive. Rule 1 is not to think, just breath and observe the landscape. And meet new friends. Yesterday I went walking and along my path I met a looot of new friends. Here where I live it is compulsory not to let your dogs out of your home garden,  except they are kept on a leash (I believe it is a world well known law). When they sense or see a passerby they start barking,  but usually after some warning barks they turn out to be sweet and friendly.  I love Them!

This is my contribute to Letter D for Cee’s challenge.

Meet my friends!





Inspired by Cee

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