Autumn Leaves Under Our Feet


This is me with my children. 😊

They are my sunshine, everyday. Now, leaves are falling and slowly a yellow, red, orange blanket is covering the roads. We have a great time walking and jumping on it. Well, I am a grown up kid myself to be honest. Unfortunately my naivety is not helping much me in this last time, but I feel lighter in my heart when I connect with  my kids.

Stay younger in your heart, stay healthier in your spirit and body.


Deceptive Appearances

Of Falsehood and honesty. This blog post is so actual to me. That’s why I am reblogging it.

The Sleeping Reading Beauty


Not pretending to be perfect, I really suffer when I recognize falsehood in people. It is so difficult to detect it though! Appearances are deceptive.

My great personal problem, since I was a child – maybe I haven’t grown up much, I guess – is that I tend to tell the truth and voice my thoughts out loud. Authentic and genuine. Well, always with respect to the others. Avoiding the annoying screaming and cursing, even if it is something quite difficult to achieve. You buy what you see (or read) when you know me. Honesty is one of my life’s rules: in friendship, love, family and job.

Quite an idealist child myself even at the age of 40, I am raising three children with the same value: honesty.

The choice is always up to you. The last decision about your life’s route rests in your hands. Determining you: being

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Pokémon GO Era


Mom: Honey, have you seen my cellphone somewhere? So strange I remember it was near here…

For the elusive mute answer look at the picture here on your right.




PS given that children, like mine, don’t own their own smart phones… Well, not taken for granted that in my device they can even find Pokémon GO game 🙂

Photo credit: Petra from Pixabay

Inspired by the DP one-word prompt: elusive