Flower of my Day


An early season of delight. A wish of spring and pure tiny simple things, avoiding the excessiveness and immoderate.





Photo credit: my garden crocuses

Inspired by https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/wish/

What to know more? http://www.almanac.com/plant/crocuses

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My Etsy Dream



Three years ago, after my third child birth, I was in search of myself. I know, after a birth, a woman is meant to be all adoring, and happy, and fulfilled.  The fact is that I wasn’t. Now I am, after three years. It has happened to me even with my first two beloved adored children. I think it is my character,  my way of being a mother.

However,  at that time I tried a full  adventure on Etsy and I even created  my “brand”, whom I have labels here at home and I sometimes use to create presents for my friends and my family. Here you can see it on the pic.

Name: [Manu’fatto]


Xxx Dom



Inspired by WP DP Weekly photo challenge: name



Sipping Everyday Life


As usual, seated on the Park Café in Pordenone. Birds singing, swans swimming, people strolling about, bad news scrolling on TV, children screaming, women gossiping and me. Sipping my barley coffee, from a traditional little Italian coffee cup while reading my book. Well, it’s holiday time. Let’s enjoy it.


That small tiny spoon.

That little sugar bag on the sparkling white plate.

Those wee shining barley bubbles, that capture the morning light.

All part of a bigger frame, that makes ordinary details extraordinary life.

© Dom


Inspired by The DP Weekly Photo Challenge: details.

Thank you Jen!