Autumn Leaves Under Our Feet


This is me with my children. ūüėä

They are my sunshine, everyday. Now, leaves are falling and slowly a yellow, red, orange blanket is covering the roads. We have a great time walking and jumping on it. Well, I am a grown up kid myself to be honest. Unfortunately my naivety is not helping much me in this last time, but I feel lighter in my heart when I connect with  my kids.

Stay younger in your heart, stay healthier in your spirit and body.



Without Expecting Anything In Return


As a parent or a friend, good parents good friends, you give with generosity without expecting anything in return. So many times people miss this point.



Inspired by the DP one word prompt: generous

Photo credit: pixabay

Truth is Harder than A Lie


It’s so strange to come back to this virtual world. At last, after a month which should have been two weeks. At first I had just waited till I had some reviews written of the best books I read, then something happened in my life that has changed all my perspectives. To be honest, this is the year for me when I have grown up, and understood there is no mercy and kindness in the humankind. At school one of my students cheated during a poetry contest, and I was to disappointed. Unfortunately, I ALWAYS believe in the good side of people and I don’t consider the possibility of cheating or being dishonest. I am and was so naive. Always had been.

And then something else happened in my family, with my husband.

However, I believe that even if I am facing events that I had never figured to be part of my life, I feel stronger somehow, wiser. Even if I start my day crying, then laughing, then swearing, then in big silences.

All in all, my life deserves to become a book. There are million of lives out there that could become a best seller, just with the help of a talented writer.


This is the soundtrack of my life in these days (#francescabattistelli #adele) :


Photo Credit: Pixabay