Nostalgia: If Winter Comes…


I was just looking for some photos to be posted for Cee’s photo challenge about Old and New, but then I started looking at some photos of flowers and cherries and a book lying on my siesta bed I took last Summer.

I was hit by nostalgia! To be honest I think Winter has got such glorious fascinating sides but in this very moment I am longing for colors and sun and long days.

What about You?  Summer or Winter? Or are you for in-between Seasons?




Light. And greens.


In a spring evening, I was heading out of work and as usual I looked up into the sky, sipping the beauty and the immensity, considering again how small we are. And I saw this. It struck me so much. It was the light, evening sun light; and the greens, the leaves, newly born leaves. They were not there the week before.

Such a magic. And when I read about the new topic of Cee’s challenge, my mind went to that photo. Taken with my son’s mobile phone.

Thank you Cee, again. You are a great source of inspiration.



Inspired by Cee’s challenge CFFC