You Are Beautiful ~ inside and out



My Etsy Dream



Three years ago, after my third child birth, I was in search of myself. I know, after a birth, a woman is meant to be all adoring, and happy, and fulfilled.  The fact is that I wasn’t. Now I am, after three years. It has happened to me even with my first two beloved adored children. I think it is my character,  my way of being a mother.

However,  at that time I tried a full  adventure on Etsy and I even created  my “brand”, whom I have labels here at home and I sometimes use to create presents for my friends and my family. Here you can see it on the pic.

Name: [Manu’fatto]


Xxx Dom



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The Flu Effect


My dear bloggers, I am living in hell at the moment.  Since Tuesday I have got stuck at home due to a terrible flu, which I haven’t had in ages. After two days of really high fever, I can say today it went a little bit better – even if I keep on  cooughing and sneezing and having a excruciatingly painful sore throat. One of my friend told me to thing of the positive side of the situation, so the famous silver linings. What are they?

  1. Watching you favourite series or movies – but I am not on the TV mood these days;
  2. Being treated like a queen – well I can’t complain this;
  3. Reading the books that are waiting for me.

So… I finished a book I had just started, and it was really a great read. If you can, read my book review on the previous post. And I started another.

And you?  What do you usually do while stuck in bed with an unpleasant partner like Ms Influenza? I know that for some there is a big question here open, men and women usually tend to respond in different ways it seems.

See you when… I don’t cough. I can’t even write.

Keep me company with your comments if you can 😊