A vintage tray

When I found this tray among many other garage long forgotten and stored in a corner things, I thought to throw it away. But then (let’s think about our poor Planet!) I had a great idea. What do you think about this result? Well, maybe the fact that it is quite usual here to have a glass of red wine at lunch maybe has helped me a lot. However, I could have done it with… White stones from Tagliamento River?



Credit: candles from Depot

Kitchen runner: frame crocheted by me


Thank you Cee!

A Special Place in your Heart


Home for some weeks, home from work, which I really love. But I needed time for myself, to think about my next steps and what I want to do with my life. I hope to have some more decades on Earth to be honest. Well, I found myself cooking, ironing, cleaning, a.s.o. Not that I don’t usually do it though, but it was so strange to have so much time for the housework!

I have read that I should focus on particular things of my daily life now, and even objects or places. Don’t look at the whole, because it would drive me crazy. See the little good things and actions that otherwise would go missed.

And so. This wonderful corner of my house, that I really love. Some years ago I asked my friend Serena to sew those curtains and I chose the fabrics and colours. Then  I went to Depot (a famous German shop) and I bought some candles of the same colours. Added to that, some plants, the one you see is more than 12 years old and it made a lot of “kids”. Eventually, at Christmas we received a present on a nice wooden tray. That tray is always there. I hade then the idea not to throw away all the wine corks, but to keep them. And that’s it! 20160929_101048

Apart from esthetically, I love this place because it is where my children do their homework, play cards, chat, complain. Where I sew, cross stitch, chat with my friends in front of a good cup of tea.

And what about You?

Write a post about your favourite place in your home and share it here as a  comment! All those happy places together, that will be positive energy 😊