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Again. From my short trip to Chioggia, yesterday morning and afternoon.





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10 Charming Small Towns in Italy

Thank you Ishita for loving my Country so much. I need someone to remind me how beautiful Italy is 😊😊😊

Enjoy Ishita’s post and blog ♡♡♡



Who doesn’t love quaint towns?? If you are in Italy or traveling there anytime soon, this list is a keeper. You will feel blessed to be in a country with so many varied choices of charming towns. Although this list is not exhaustive, it certainly includes many of my favorites. I will keep adding more to this list as and when I can. If you have any favorites, feel free to share 🙂


With an annual chocolate and jazz festival to its kitty, Perugia is quite a catch. It is still quite unknown to a first time Italy traveler so take a chance next time you are in Italy. Visit this medieval town before it gets run down by mass tourism and selfie sellers.

be3c2-dsc02647 Piazza IV Novembre

1cd45-dsc02626 Umbrian Views


Deep in the green heart of Italy and quite close to Perugia is another small town with an ancient castle, a…

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Having Lunch


water already salted

If you are Italian, half Italian or of Italian origins, you know for sure that we usually eat pasta 5 times a week at least. Firstly it is a complete and easy to prepare main course, secondly it allows you to sit down in peace for 5 or more minutes and relax.

But remember if you want a perfect pasta you need to salt your water before putting the pasta into the boiling water. It is severely forbidden to salt your water AFTER putting the pasta in it!

Today I came home from my school (after picking up my children at their school) and I found this message WATER ALREADY SALTED.

Life with him has been tough and there are no easy solutions, but I keep on understanding why I fell in love with him back to 17 years ago.