Mrs. D., sorry. Queen? Who are they?


Short consideration.

Yesterday at school it happened my students asked me who Queen are. I was quite astonished and speechless in the first moment. Then, after 30 seconds of silence from my part, I considered it was useless to reply with a “what?! How Can’t you know It? “. Instead I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach them some music and culture coming from the anglo-saxon world. So today, I presented a lesson about Queen and chose a specific song: “Somebody to love”.

I was quite afraid at the beginning, because songs are overrated in the English as a Foreign Language teaching. At first you believe it is a wonderful opportunity to arise interest in a foreign language through music, but then you realise that despite a good song, young people usually like the sound, beat or rithmn and they don’t care about the lyrics unfortunately. At the end of the lesson the result is often that  they hate a song they used to love.

However,  this time my students were quite interested in the lesson, and they loved the song and the lyrics, which are touching and have a great meaning.

Well, at least, now, they will never say that they don’t know who Freddie Mercury or Queen are. One of my aims was achieved.  😊




Lesson plan credit: Somebody to love worksheets are available here

Truth is Harder than A Lie


It’s so strange to come back to this virtual world. At last, after a month which should have been two weeks. At first I had just waited till I had some reviews written of the best books I read, then something happened in my life that has changed all my perspectives. To be honest, this is the year for me when I have grown up, and understood there is no mercy and kindness in the humankind. At school one of my students cheated during a poetry contest, and I was to disappointed. Unfortunately, I ALWAYS believe in the good side of people and I don’t consider the possibility of cheating or being dishonest. I am and was so naive. Always had been.

And then something else happened in my family, with my husband.

However, I believe that even if I am facing events that I had never figured to be part of my life, I feel stronger somehow, wiser. Even if I start my day crying, then laughing, then swearing, then in big silences.

All in all, my life deserves to become a book. There are million of lives out there that could become a best seller, just with the help of a talented writer.


This is the soundtrack of my life in these days (#francescabattistelli #adele) :


Photo Credit: Pixabay