Candle Light Life


The problem is I am an English as a Foreign Language learner… oh my God, what does this word mean?  This is what I read in English-Italian

English Italiano
percolate [sth]vtr (filter) filtrarevtr
percolatevi (coffee: brew) fare il caffè con filtro vtr
percolatevi figurative (spread gradually) (figurato: diffondersi) permeare, pervaderevtr
L’informatizzazione sta permeando sempre di più le nostre vite.
percolatevi US, figurative (become lively) (figurato) animarsi, ravvivarsi v rif

Personally I’ll choose the US version: become lively. This is for today one more word to be added into my English vocabulary.

I was a small small flame in the last times,  but I am feeling better now. I AM PERCOLATING!




Inspired by WP DP one word prompt: percolate