~ this be the verse ~

Poets, and poetry lovers, among you bloggers know exactly what I am talking about here, just reading the title. A famous Philip Larkin‘s poem. I won’t post it here, I leave to you the pleasure to go and find it out on the blogosphere (link on the poet’s name).

spiaggia4It is, among all, one of the poems that defines me most. As a person. As a daughter. As a mother. And it paints my pain, in the voyage I have taken 40 years ago when I saw the light of the earth for the first time. It is the voyage, that is still going on, to understand, love, forgive, my parents. And their faults.

Striking how many believe that loving a parent is a natural feeling. Believe me, it has not been my case. And in all my short life I have found out it is not my unique condition.

I think I will keep on going on searching for, during this difficult life journey, clues and answers to many questions that are still hanging over my head, since I was a child.

All in all, however, I believe that if I am the person I am, a person I truly love and admire, I owe it also to them- my parents.

But the voyage is still going on.



Inspired by the Daily post today’s one-word prompt ~ voyage