Of Embroidering, Knitting, Crocheting… and Working


I really like my job. Some years ago I made a choice, and I really chose my job. I am a teacher. Before this, I had worked in two factories, in the export sales offices. Maybe I could have had the chance to climb the ladder, or not because I am always a woman and, all around the world, women seem to always have to make a choice: family or a really good paid job. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about it now.

The fact is: I would like to push the ‘pause’ button. Unfortunately, I have so many hobbies and I miss them. I like embroidering, knitting, crocheting, reading books… Maybe I was born in a different era and then I was ‘time moved’ to 2018. When I was in the High school, I was considered a little bit strange, due to the fact that I so much loved those (so considered) feminine/ladies’ pastimes. wool-480550_1920

To be honest, I used to so envy those women that could keep on knitting or everything else. And this because of their wealthy conditions, mainly. They don’t need to go to work, they have the possibility to stay home and knit and read as much as they want.

But now, I wouldn’t really give up my job or my personal independence, even if I don’t earn a huge salary. Only, I am so tired, that I would like a year off, where I could devote my time to my hobbies. It would be so nice to wake up in the morning and knit. The next morning create a new curtain. And so on. But with the certainty that after book-1760998_1280one year of rest I would go back to my beloved working world.

I am only a bit tired.


A Book For A Smile


Un Libro Per Un Sorriso – Gemona del Friuli (UD) Italy – the local hospital waiting room at the 3rd floor, stair C

It’s been a while since I wrote my last post, due to major family events. It seems I needed some time for me, it is no mistery that blogging takes a lot of time. Which I highly enjoy, as much as I enjoy reading my best bloggers’ posts. However, now I am back. During the upcoming week I hope to join the SYW challenge by Cee, and hopefully to write a book review.

Today,  just want to share with you a wonderful social promotion by our Local Health System, which I didn’t know as a) I don’t read the newspaper daily (alas!) b) I have the great luck not to visit hospitals so often. But, last week, due to a minor medical operation to my child, I was waiting at the waiting room and observed with interest a nice “book corner”. So I discovered this initiative promoted by our NHS (ass3 Friuli), called: A Book For A Smile. In short, there is a small library in every patients’ waiting rooms in our area, where while waiting you can pick up a book, start reading it and then, if you’d like to, take it home and finish it. When you have finished reading it, you take it back to one of the local health organizations (hospitals and not only). The book will be replaced in another waiting room. And, moreover, if you have some book at home that you want to offer, you can give it as a donation so someone can enjoy the reading while in a waiting room. So you give a book for a smile.


I find this is a great promotion! I am a very keen reader, and so I’ve really appreciated this idea. Now, I know who I can donate my books to.

All the best to you all in this pre-Christmas time!



No Mercy for Readathons – A Crime Against Books

Sorry, but I couldn’t help writing a post about readathons. Mainly because this blog was born as a book blog from a book serial reader.

This post is meant to be a prize to healthy reading, reading for pleasure not because you want to write 365 book reviews in a year (or even more if humanly possible) and to get a zillion likes. As already stated elsewhere, there are some rules to follow if you consider yourself a great reader. Not just a reader. Book, Reading, Silhouette, Sitting, Stool, Woman

As I don’t consider myself a God or else an academic, what I am going to write here is just my point of view on the matter. The fact is, as a serial reader for pleasure and pure interest, I am deeply hurt when my path crosses with blogs, bloggers or pseudo book bloggers, book vloggers (mainly really young, so yes, maybe they have plenty of time so they can read a zillion books in a year), who claim to make book marathons, the so-called readathons, because they do love reading.

But really? What’s the point? And then, when I politely write them a comment, to say not to hurry but to sip good books, they answer back that they don’t hurry at all… Well, something is missing I guess. Or we just can’t understand each other.


#1 one book at a time.

How can you mix different characters together?

#2 don’t hurry! Enjoy reading and sometimes…

#3 get a life.

Apart from reading, there is the world out there waiting for you, with an invisible but tangible poetry just to be found. Take pictures!

#4 read for yourself

books-918521_1280not to state you have read one thousand books a year. Why showing off?

#5 be honest

don’t tell you have read 365 books, if maybe you  didn’t even finish all of them. Half of them are skipped-half-the-pages books.

All in all, I consider readathons a crime against books themselves. No offense.

But I am open to other points of view. Please tell me what you think about it, maybe I could change my mind.



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