Yes Sir! Dessert Sir!

My last two days weren’t exactly the best. Great issues at work. My school principal told me I am merely a soldier, so if he orders me to do something I should just say “Yes sir. I obey Sir (in Italian: Obbedisco!)”. No need to say, this is not the spirit I am working and teaching with. So sorry everyone, if I keep on believing in the importance of teaching the critical sense and sensibility. Our kids and students should be aware of what and where they are drinking from. Something poisonous could be in that nice glass in front of them. Critical sensibility strengthens. Critical sensibility makes us and them free. That doesn’t mean we should always be against everything and everyone though.

Be yourself, think with your brain, develop your opinions on your own! That is what I strongly believe in. Maybe that will add some unexpected difficulties to the journey of your life, but at least you will dream with a clear conscience. Even if, honestly, it could be really difficult then to held on your values. Especially when, and if, you are on your own. Especially when you act against the consenting crowtiramisuWORKINPROGRESSd. But maybe you will find someone else out there, who will respect you and your points of view, and won’t dictate orders that you don’t consider honest and that undermine your person and your professionality.

As my conscience was “working” on these two difficult days, this afternoon I thought that nothing better than making a great tiramisu would cheer me up. So: no more issues; just breaking the eggs, stirring them with sugar, mixing the cream with mascarpone cheese and creating pure – genuine – food delicacy for my guests tomorrow night (yes, because if you want to make a great tiramisu, you should make it the day before not the very same day). Believe me! 

© Dom


Photo: work in progress of my tiramisù by my son Pietro

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Be Adventurous. Take Detours!

In a land where for the most part of the world only Rome, Tuscany and Milan (this latter just for the fashion weeks) are worth a grand tour and thousand of photos, other hidden areas seem  unfamiliar and obscure. Unexplored doesn’t mean imperfect or not worth a car detour. Even better, a long holiday.  To be honest, diversions often unveil unexpected awesome surprises to me. And this is the case of the region where I was born, sometimes called the Tuscany of the North: Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Oh yes! Such a long name, OMG! Just to make the long story short, Friuli comes from Latin ‘forum julii’ meaning ‘marketplace of Julius’, Emperor Julius Caesar. For the big fans of ‘the Gladiator’ in my region you can find plenty of arenas, breathtaking ancient Roman houses, mosaic floors, ancient Roman towns to Medieval and much much more.

And then water. Yes, because it is also one of the rainiest regions in Europe. Well, it could seem unfortunate to you, but to tell you the truth this is a blessing from heaven, oops, from the sky for us Friulians! Thanks to this inestimable resource, our region can offer us (and tourists) all the most appreciated and unforgettable experiences in terms of tastes and aromas, landscapes, food, wines, vegetation and flora, animal life and so much more.

That is to say that ‘ the land where the lemon-trees grow’ (Goethe) can offer so much, not only because of the sun, but mainly because of the water. Especially my region.

If by chance, you come to Europe make a detour to Friuli, and enjoy the beauty born from life: sun + water.





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©Dom ~ Photos taken yesterday evening while I was walking in the fields of my Friulian town.