From Bulb To Tulips

WP_20170310_10_41_26_Pro (2)

Red Tulips at the local bar counter

WP_20170310_10_41_35_Pro (2)

Yellow Tulips at the local bar counter

I couldn’t resist today! I had to take these photos and share them with the world. What better than a coffee with a sweet wonderful ¬†friend (Nadia) and these Tulips, just there, for everybody to tell us it is almost Spring and life is really wonderful.

I went oh when I saw the bulbs in the plastic bag ūüíďūüíďūüíď




Inspired by Cee!

A Spring Light Poem Magic


My bulbs are “springing ” out

A light exists in spring 
Not present on the year 
At any other period. 
When March is scarcely here 

A color stands abroad 
On solitary hills 
That science cannot overtake, 
But human naturefeels. 

It waits upon the lawn; 
It shows the furthest tree 
Upon the furthest slope we know; 
It almost speaks to me. 

Then, as horizons step, 
Or noons report away, 
Without the formula of sound, 
It passes, and we stay: 

A quality of loss 
Affecting our content, 
As trade had suddenly encroached 
Upon a sacrament.

by Emily Dickinson